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Sponsor:China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange(CISTE)

Organizer:China Technology Exchange(CTEX)

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                     Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute  |  Association of Chinese Professionals in Belgium
                     Sino European Federation of Lifesciences  |  Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association(Silicon Valley, USA)
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Platform Information

Platform Information


Today, we are seeing a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and it has reached a historic juncture when major breakthroughs are within sight. All nations must step up the cooperation in innovation, facilitate the integration of science and technology with economic growth, increase the sharing of innovation results, remove barriers that hamper the flow of knowledge, technology, talent and other factors of innovation, and support businesses in technical exchanges and cooperation on their own accord. This is a way to unleash the potential for innovation.

The International Technology Exchange Coalition (ITEC) is an international non-profit platform jointly sponsored by the China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) and China Technology Exchange (CTEX) and supported by a host of international technology transfer service agencies. ITEC is aimed to shift the matchmaking between technology supplies and technology demands from "hand in hand" to "peer to peer". Under the premise of complying with international rules and national laws and regulations, all members will jointly contribute to this Internet-based "Cloud Coalition" serving technology trade based on the principles of openness, transparency, joint contribution and sharing, thereby building a "cloud supermarket" where innovation resources such as technologies and expertise can be aggregated, effectively promoting the innovation cooperation and the "cloud sharing" of innovation results among research institutes, S&T organizations, technology companies and technology intermediaries, and bringing global bilateral and multilateral cooperation to new heights.

As an important window for China to promote international S&T exchanges and technology transfer cooperation, China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) carries out its work under the guidance of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), an important international non-governmental S&T organization based in China. CAST governs 210 national societies which cover a complete range of disciplines and bring together top-notch experts and innovation talent, as well as 3,141 subsidiary S&T associations spreading across Chinese provinces, regions, cities and counties. With rich intellectual resources and unique organizational advantages in promoting international technology trade and S&T cooperation, CAST can provide strong support for individuals and organizations looking for knowledge sharing, partners, new technology application scenarios and the commercialization of innovation results.

Institutional Framework
Sponsor  |   Organizer
China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange(CISTE)

Formally established in 1958, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) is a mass organization of Chinese S&T professionals, a public organization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a bridge connecting the CPC and the government with S&T professionals, and an important force for China to promote S&T development. As a member of the National Science, Technology and Education Leading Group, the Central Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission and the Central Coordination Group for Talent Work, CAST is comprised of national societies, associations, research societies, local S&T associations and grass-roots organizations. The local S&T associations are comprised of societies at the same level, S&T associations at the lower levels and grass-roots organizations.

Established in 1984, China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) is a bureau-level public institution directly under CAST. For more than three decades, as an important window of CAST for non-governmental S&T exchanges, CISTE is committed to: undertaking international non-governmental S&T exchange tasks and taking an active part in the affairs of international organizations; undertaking tasks under the HOME Programme; serving the Belt and Road Plan of CAST and its foreign affairs; rolling out international cooperation and exchange activities; organizing domestic and international expos; and giving full play to the strengths of CAST by focusing on the needs of affiliated societies and local S&T associations, helping them address the problems encountered amid their growth and serving economic and social development.

1. Explicit demands

Release technology calls based on the explicit technology demands collected by local S&T associations and business innovation centers from local enterprises.

2. Diverse projects

Solicit outstanding international technologies and projects, with focus put on the technologies and projects from developed countries and countries along the Belt and Road.

3. Broad coverage

Globally, target all non-governmental S&T exchange partners of CAST; domestically, target local S&T associations, national societies affiliated to CAST, enterprises, universities, and research institutes.

4. Expert consulting

With the help of CAST's expert database, provide project assessment, implementation guidance, legal assistance and other services throughout the process of matchmaking.

Collect Projects

Collect Projects

In an effort to establish a high-profile database of S&T achievements and roadshow projects and to facilitate successful "one-to-one" project matchmaking, CAST has commissioned CTEX to set up a project solicitation platform for International Technology Exchange Coalition (ITEC), thereby enabling "one-stop release", "inclusion recommendation" and the "delivery of professional services".

Permanent solicitation: S&T achievements in various fields with cutting-edge technologies, high commercialization potential and bright industrialization prospects will be included into the database, and ITEC will provide roadshow services for selected projects and recommend the same to interested enterprises.

selected Projects

Selected Projects



  • Barry C. Barish

    Honorary Professor of Physics

    Company:California Institute of Technology

    Good at field:Specialty: physics, gravitational waves

  • Prof Barry Sharpless

    Fellow, Professor

    Company:The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)

    Good at field:chemistry, pharmacy

  • Roy Ramon

    Visiting Professor

    Company:The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Institute of Technology

    Good at field:artificial intelligence

  • Gur Gidon


    Company:Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Good at field:traditional Chinese medicine

  • David Maman



    Good at field:artificial intelligence


    Senior Associate Director

    Company:Organization: Industry Liaison Office, NUS Enterprise

    Good at field:technology transfer

  • YEO You Huan


    Company:International Division, SERC, A*STAR

    Good at field:versatile



    Company:Japan-China Economic Association

    Good at field:versatile



    Company:Tokyo University of Technology

    Good at field:chemical industry

  • Klymenko Leonid

    Academician, Rector, Professor

    Company:Ukrainian Academy of Engineering, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

    Good at field:tribology, internal combustion engine, theory of variable wear resistance

  • Petro Kulikov

    Academician, Vice President

    Company:Ukrainian Academy of Architecture

    Good at field:architecture, machinery, materials

  • Teslia Iurii

    Academician, Vice-Rector

    Company:International Academy of Maritime Science, Technologies and Innovations

    Good at field:automatic control, engineering, nuclear power, etc.

  • Oleksandr S. Ryzhkov


    Company:Ukrainian Academy of Shipping Sciences

    Good at field:project management, ICT

  • Christian Bartsch


    Company:Cotesa GmbH

    Good at field:intelligent manufacturing

  • Jens Günther

    Board Advisor

    Company:German Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (BVMW)

    Good at field:finance, corporate management, intelligent manufacturing

  • Jochen Leonhardt


    Company:EMKA GmbH

    Good at field:intelligent manufacturing, mechanical equipment, etc.

  • Hans Josef Helf


    Company:Advaligno GmbH

    Good at field:finance, corporate management, intelligent manufacturing



Name Industry Date Description
Tech Express (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Station)Biomedicine2020-04-08According to the needs of industry leaders and prestigious big-health enterprises, we aims to build a Tech Express covering all aspects from technological innovation to industrial application, thereby facilitating the "precise" matchmaking of big-health technologies and projects.
Innovative R&D of Anti-Cancer DrugsBiomedicine2020-04-08Dr. Lu Biao and Dr. Li Xiaodong co-founded an accomplished team in 2014 to engage itself in the R&D, application and promotion of innovative anti-cancer drugs and to launch a diverse range of anti-cancer products.
Spark Initiative -- Transformation of S&T Achievements in ZhongguancunBiomedicine2020-04-08A sudden epidemic broke out and spread across the land of China in early 2020. Resolutely implementing the spirit of the important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have forged an active response amid the prevention and control of the epidemic pursuant to the decisions and arrangements made by CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government, strived to improve the level of medical & health innovation and development, and vigorously served the construction of the National Center for Science, Technology and Development and the high-quality development of the capital city.
Name Industry Date Description
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Artificial intelligence2020-04-08Founded in 1987 as a private company manufacturing and selling communications equipment and headquartered in Bantian Huawei Base, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions. Upholding the principles of prudent operation, continuous innovation and open cooperation, Huawei enjoys a strong competitive edge in offering end-to-end solutions for telecom operators, enterprises, terminals and cloud computing.
Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.Automotive manufacturing2020-04-08Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. ("Foton Motor") is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. Established on August 28, 1996, Foton Motor was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1998 with the stock code of 600166. It has assets exceeding RMB 30 billion and 40,000 employees. Its brand value is estimated at RMB 67.127 billion, ranking the first among China's commercial vehicle manufacturers for 10 consecutive years.
SMICArtificial intelligence2020-04-08As one of the leading foundries in the world, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation ("SMIC" NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981) is the most advanced and the largest foundry in Mainland China, providing integrated circuit (IC) foundry and technology services on process nodes from 0.35 micron to 28 nanometer. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SMIC Group has an international manufacturing and service base.
Name Industry Date Description
Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of SciencesMicrobiology2020-04-08The CAS Institute of Microbiology (IMCAS) was founded on December 3, 1958 through the merger of the Institute of Applied Mycology and the Beijing Laboratories of Microbiology, both of which were affiliated to CAS. IMCAS was initially located in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. In early 2007, the major part of the IMCAS was relocated to the CAS Life Science Park near the Olympic Village in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
China Academy of Aerospace AerodynamicsAerospace2020-04-08As early as 1956, Prof. H. S. Tsien established an aerodynamic research institution in China by his foresight in aerospace science and technology. From the beginning, Prof. Fenggan Zhuang was in charge of the institution for a long time. He made great efforts in aerodynamic force/heating research. Lots of important aerodynamic problems were solved successfully in the aerospace vehicle design.
Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of SciencesNew energy2020-04-08CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) was founded in 1978 as Guangdong Geothermal Energy Research Laboratory, which was changed to the current name after its merger with CAS Guangzhou Satellite Observatory in April 1998. Committed to the research, development and utilization of new and renewable energy resources, GIEC is mainly engaged in the research of high and new technologies associated with clean energy and engineering sciences.




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